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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

It's one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan. Constantly expanding functionality and increasing complexity led to the need for experts capable of quality integrating and empowering internal bank teams. That's why they turned to Mad Devs.


Advantages of Mad Devs

Diverse Experience

Diverse Experience

We managed to develop and maintain a broad range of financial solutions, from specialized local applications to highly loaded and scalable global platforms.

Industry Experts

Industry Experts

Our large pool of experts with experience in financial solutions and knowledge about the financial industry makes any task facing them feasible in the best way.

Profound Research and Detailed Specs

Profound Research and Detailed Specs

We do in-depth research and write comprehensive specifications before development, so the result always strictly meets the original requirements.

Use of Local Infrastructure

Use of Local Infrastructure

We consider the peculiarities of local financial structure and seamlessly integrate any local payment system, whether in Asia, Europe or America.

Cross-platform & Native Solutions

Cross-platform & Native Solutions

We take advantage of each platform, offer you suitable approaches, and develop high-quality mobile, cross-platform, and cloud solutions.

Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development

Full test coverage is one of our core principles, which allows us to inspire confidence, guarantee the expected result and meet the required standards.

Solutions We Provide

  • We have extensive expertise in developing an exchange platform from scratch that handles more than 300K requests per second and works seamlessly with dozens of different currencies and hundreds of countries.

  • We develop banking applications that perfectly integrate with any complex banking system, attracting many new users with a new level of usability and security.

  • Get an electronic wallet for any purpose, and integrate various payment systems to make the storage and transfer of multiple assets smooth, stable, and secure.

  • We have extensive expertise in developing large and complex open banking solutions in compliance with state standards and laws and making your service operations transparent, flexible, and reliable.

  • Get a custom billing engine specifically for your business, seamlessly integrating it into the system to automate your balance management and make it simple and orderly.

  • We integrate third-party providers like Stripe into various financial services and extend their transaction capabilities, making their use much more optional, fast, and secure.

Process Book

The financial industry is one of the most difficult areas because of many big risks. It is necessary to foresee and prevent them in advance. 

To make this possible, we use a proven approach that includes special attention to every stage of development, from task analysis and team building to active development, extensive testing, and product support.

See for yourself in the book about our approach to development, where we describe each stage in detail and share proven best practices we use and improve daily.

Process Book
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Process Book



Apple Pay

Integrate Apple Pay for instant and secure payment from any Apple devices.


Google Pay

Integrate Google Pay, one of the most popular mobile payment systems.



Visa integration for fast and easy money transfers from bank cards.



SWIFT integration for a universal way of international payments.

Case Studies

Transforming the financial industry

Tell us your idea, and we will make it a successful solution!

Tony Fedorenko

Tony Fedorenko

Head of Delivery


Stripe Connect.

Integration of Stripe Connect into your Project

Almost every service on the Internet today deals with money. And dealing with money requires a robust Billing system. Building your own billing system is a pain. It is a crucial component that should be highly available, secure, and 100% bug-free, otherwise, your users or your business might lose some money, which is unacceptable.At Mad Devs, we prefer to use robust, suitable, and resource-saving solutions if possible. That is why we often use Stripe & Stripe Connect to enable billing for our products. That saves our clients a lot of time, money, and negative emotions.Stripe as well as Stripe Connect is very easy to integrate: it has a lot of documentation and very simple and powerful API. Yet, for those who are new to online payments & e-commerce Stripe integration might cause issues and unexpected side effects. This article is to describe some of our lessons learned so that when you integrate Stripe Connect for your business, you are easy to avoid or overcome them.If you link cards to your users’ accounts, or you accept card payments make sure users authorize the cards, otherwise you might have a lot of fraud resulting in disputes. Cards authorization happens in several steps, you request basic card details and make sure they are passed to Stripe so that it can verify the card. But it is very easy to break defense if a person has stolen/scanned a card. To completely avoid cases of stolen cards being used, use the 3D Secure.